Nidor is a scientist of the Gumai of Halog. He is an expert on the history of his people, the Destroyer War, and synthium. After Longpaw stole a shipment of synthium during the Utopia Defensive, he was assigned to investigate it. He suspected that the low-frequency signal it was emitting was not strong enough to leave the four sectors. So the return of the destroyers would be no danger and the war against the humans would be pointless.

When his attempts were not allowed, he stole part of the synthium and let himself be hidden by Longpaw on Nefaro, a moon of Haizo. There he tried to prove his theory and end the war. When Carter Sanders attacked with the PSU, he surrendered immediately. He told them what he knew. The Whisperer ordered his death, but Carter helped him escape. He fled to the Initiative and shared his knowledge. He was eternally grateful to Carter.

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