Name: Nikki
Species: Krodaa
Height: 1,69 m
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair: Black (Bald)
Special Features: Tail with tip, small horns pointing upwards, bent slightly backward, normal legs (human-shaped) and feet
Special Skills: Gifted pilot
Profession: Pilot of the Renegade

A female Krodaa with a devil’s tail, upward standing, slightly bent back horns and small wings. She is bald and has silver tattoos on her bright red skin. Her body is clearly feminine and she has humanoid legs without hair. Her clothing style is always tight and open-hearted. With her nature, she almost always inspires her companions.

Nikki is Vance’s sister and the two grew up together on Sandabar Neh. While her brother turned to adventure after a varied past, she chose a different path. She is the most gifted pilot of the four sectors. For this reason, she was recruited by Miles Daniels for the Renegade years ago and is an integral part of his crew.

When Amaru Khan learned that the Gumai on Halog were working on a new kind of weapons technology, Nikki offered to use her contacts on the Lorgan homeworld to steal the plans. Although this was not her job, she succeeded, but was caught by the Greyhounds on the run and was taken to Sopa-Kul. Only weeks later she was freed by Carter and the Phantom Squad.

She impressively demonstrated her skills as a pilot when she turned the tide during the space battle over Igo. With the help of Seth, she even managed to escape the Hazkan, which seemed hopeless. She counterattacked in the space battle over Earth, and after the ship’s critical damage, Syntax assisted her to perform a masterly emergency landing. She was evacuated and returned to Dao Prime with the other survivors of the squad after the victory.

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