Name: Nina “Nines” Chevon
Species: Human
Height: 1,69 m
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Brown
Special Features: Excited about robotics and technology, perceptive, empathic
Special Skills: Mechanical and technical expertise, programming, Sniper, Shuttle Pilot
Profession: Chief Mechanic of the Barackus, Chief Mechanic of the Renegade

Nina grew up in poverty in Colombia on Earth. After her mother died, her father increasingly withdrew. She trained with the sniper rifle in the shooting club to see him at all. To finance her studies, she flew as a courier. Her outstanding mechanical skills brought her to the military, where she wanted to explore the galaxy. For this reason, she could never maintain longer interpersonal relationships.

She became the chief mechanic at a young age and Captain Tamara Sutherland recruited her for the Barackus. There she met Carter Sanders for the first time. The two often talked and became friends until he was transferred.

A year later, while at home in Colombia, she was visited by Commander Miles Daniels, who tested her and then hired her as the chief mechanic on his frigate, the Renegade. During her time there, she built her robot Syntax, which was to become a full-fledged, mobile AI. She used every free minute to work on it.

When Carter got on the ship, she was very excited about it. They talked a lot and often. Over time, a deep affection developed between them and they became a couple. When the Renegade crashed in Athens, she suffered minor injuries and was evacuated before the fight was over. When Carter awoke without arms, she was there to help him.

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