Categorie: Garden World
Position: Zith-System
Sector: Aeon-Width

The homeworld of the Pintans also called “Clone of Earth”, is a twin of Earth in its climate and vegetation. Pinta has sixty-five percent of landmass and only little water. Almost half of the landmass consists of pointed mountains, which are not suitable for settlement due to the climate. Therefore, a large part of the population lives underground. There are massive and gigantic cave systems in which high-tech cities are located.

The seas are not blue as on Earth but in a brown tone. This is due to the star Zith. Near the surface, it is comparable to the climate on Earth, although a little warmer. But already in a hundred meters height, there is substantially more wind and on mountain heights, storm weather rages permanently. In addition, the weather on Pinta changes very quickly and mostly in extremes. The most famous region of Pinta is the subterranean kingdom of Tennoravia, which is the origin of the discrimination between the Pintans.

The cities and buildings are similar to those on Earth. Society, too, can hardly be distinguished from human society. For this reason, since the first contact, there is lively traffic between both peoples and Pinta serves many humans as a new home.

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