Homeworld: Pinta
Type: Humanoid
Life Expectancy: 100 Earth Years
Body Height: Up to 2,30 m
Blood Color: Orange
Appearance: Pintans look very much like humans. EF radiation is the reason for a different skin tone of the Pintans. Those who are exposed to the light of Zith become blue while the others have green skin. They are thinner overall than humans and obesity does not exist in them as their metabolism is much more efficient than in humans. Despite their narrow stature, muscle density is higher, which means that Pintans generally have a lot of strength. This is mainly due to the rougher living conditions on Pinta. The internal organs are very similar to those of humans, but their arrangement is different, for example, the heart is at stomach level.

In the early days, the Pintan people lived on the open plains or low mountains of Pinta. As the population increased, this had to change. There was a critical era at that time, which is called “the time of the deep” in their culture. At that time, a band of tyrants ruled the world, forcing many of the less wealthy Pintans to dig and carve the vast tunnels and caves in which they live today. Of course, they were later expanded, but about two-thirds of all underground spaces at that time were created by enslaved workers. Through the long years beneath the mountains and without zithlight their skin became greenish, which led to discrimination in later ages. The first and most famous cave is in the Tennoravia region. This is also the origin of the frowned upon swearword “Tenno” for Pintans with green skin.

It was only long after the settlement of Utopia that the Pintans sought contact with humanity. The remarkable similarities of their world with Earth and their appearance with that of humans quickly led to understanding and lively exchange. The cultural differences between the two species are also the smallest.

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