The Precision Squad of Utopia is the coronation of the military of Utopia Beta. They complete the kind of missions that are called “BlackOps” on Earth. They operate outside the normal chain of command and bypass the law to a certain limit to accomplish their tasks. For the admission to the PSU, one cannot apply, but the candidates are selected.

Since the group often has missions that are never made public, there are no guidelines. The leader is an instance called “the Whisperer”. This person never appears physically and the position is passed on by appointment of a successor. Only one person in the government knows the identity of the Whisperer so that this person can make difficult decisions without having to justify himself/herself to the public.

To be accepted into the PSU is the highest honor a soldier can receive. Carter Sanders was correspondingly proud to be transferred there before the end of his third year of training. Equipped with the best gear and experimental technology, Carter Sanders accomplished great achievements with this unit, including the rescue of the Sophos facility.

When it turned out that the Whisperer was a corrupt politician named Ronson Glades, who had converted the PSU into his private army and tried to overthrow the government, he was arrested by the Ghost Unit. The Commander appointed Samantha Banes and Ken Chow as the new leaders of the unit, who radically reformed it.

When the Invasion of Earth came, the PSU agents were on the scene. Banes and Chow personally supported the Commander in the final battle on the Acropolis in Athens.

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