Categorie: Jungle Moon of Kunaz
Position: Hiron-System
Sector: Nekon-Traverse

Of the two moons of Kunaz, Punikah is the lesser-known. No population of the Salvani has formed there, but they traveled there later to found colonies. The planet’s surface is characterized by jungle and marshland as well as the other two worlds, but there are considerably more mountains and a greater variety of flora and fauna. It is the world most sparsely populated by the Salvani, but the number of alien populations is highest there.

The probably most famous life form on Punikah is the Forest Roach. Shortly after the first colonization by the Salvani, these annoying creatures were accidentally dragged to the other planets, where they spread like a plague.

During his basic training, Carter Sanders‘ group came to Punikah for survival training.

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