During his basic training as a soldier on Utopia, Carter Sanders had a group of comrades around him along with Rod Tindall, Leena Whittaker and Kelly Richards. These people became his little family during the two years at Camp Osilon.

Gina Powell

The somewhat chubby, Asian-born Gina comes from poor backgrounds. She has a soft spot for computers and video games. She has talent as a sniper and is an expert in hacking and computer science. She is rather inconspicuous and stays in the background. In the course of her training, she meets Henry Palmer.

William “Billy” Kennedy

Billy is a privileged son who grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth. He has no respect for the value of things or people. He is in love with himself, has excessive self-confidence and no interest in the military. He is a typical playboy who squanders his family’s money. He had hardly any friends, even though Roderick was hanging out with him. This resulted in frequent disciplinary punishments and harassing comments by Major Banes. One day Billy shot Banes with a stun gun, missed him and accidentally killed another recruit. He was then imprisoned. He was still serving his time when Carter also came into the Crimson Void. Billy had changed and matured when he was released a few months later.

James “Jimbo” Fields

Jimbo is a quiet and thoughtful young man. He comes from the working class but was able to make a name for himself as a regional chess master. He completes basic training because he has to, and then wants to pursue a technical career. Due to his quiet nature, his friendly character is not shown to advantage. He accompanied Carter on the battleship of the Lorgans, but was only slightly injured.

Henry Palmer

The dark-skinned and overweight Henry is by no means enthusiastic about the forced training. His privileged background made him lazy and he spent all his time alone with video games and computer code. Accordingly, he is good at hacking and computer science, while in sports he has to fight hard. He is a nice guy, but not very attentive. In the course of his training, he meets Gina Powell.

Urma Bolly

Urmas story is full of suffering and poverty. She comes from Earth, from Africa, where she had to fight for her survival from childhood. The constant conflicts between the locals and foreign occupiers forced her into the service of a pirate gang. She was arrested and forced into military service on Utopia. She is extremely athletic, but less technically oriented. She is good-natured, but closed-off. She accompanied Carter’s group in the fight against the Lorgans and was honored for it.
During the third year of training, Urma was killed on a mission by Exo-Shane.

Tim & Tom Talbot

The Talbot twins grew up in the working class as children of miners. They see military service as an opportunity for social advancement and a regular income. They are very humorous and can gain something positive from every situation. Alone they are talented shooters, but together they are an almost unbeatable team. They are popular with all recruits and are known as wonderful conversational partners. They served as exemplary soldiers with tactical skill and competence for several years, which brought them to the Delta-6 unit. They supported Carter in the Battle of Athens.

Jane Lambert

Jane is the daughter of workers and she experienced physical abuse at an early age. Her form of coping is humor. She laughs more than necessary, always smiles and is enormously extroverted. She knows many recruits from other groups and is often sexually active with different men and women. Since she has no special talents for the military, she makes the best of it and waits for the end of her training.

Nambur Zobek

Nambur is a Pintan with green skin and the son of a diplomat. Therefore he has always traveled a lot and has seen plenty of the galaxy. Since he has an extended residence permit, he also has to fulfill military service. As an alien in a human training base, he is a rarity, but he always tries to be an exemplary recruit. He has a kind and calm nature, he listens and does not judge. His talents lie rather in the area of tactics and diplomacy, therefore he is easily overwhelmed with weapons and sport. Nevertheless, he was immediately ready to support Carter in his attack on the Lorgan battleship.
Shortly before the ship was destroyed, Nambur was killed by a red Lorgan who later became known as Exo-Shane.

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