The infamous ship of the Phantom Squad under Commander Miles Daniels. Its pilot is Nikki, who, together with the integrated onboard AI Seth, can get the best out of the ship. It is a Ghost Unit frigate with some very advanced technologies on board. It has a slender hull with a slight inward curve at the bottom. She is pointed at the front and is rounded towards the rear, becoming wider and wider straight to the end.

The two wings are attached laterally to the rearmost part of the ship and have the shape of large shark fins. The engines are hanging from the wings, which are pointing down at the back and are tilting upwards when landing. Two rear wings for extension are located at the upper end to facilitate steering in an atmosphere. The ship is gray and without decorations. It has a reputation for many dangerous missions.

The interior of the Renegade is kept simple. At the top is the Captain’s cabin, below is the main area with the cockpit, mission computer and a large holographic map of the systems, planets, and environments, as well as a meeting room and a communication room. One floor down is the crew quarters, a multifunctional room with a simulation chamber, the medical station with a laboratory, the galley and the viewing decks with a minibar. At the very bottom, there is the loading ramp with an adjoining weapon chamber, a small cell, and the engine room. The ship is equipped with Talon-5 propulsion, which enables multiple times the speed of light.

The Renegade increased its fame even further when it was instrumental in the Battle of the Three Worlds. It escaped an angry Hazkan and fired a red weapon projectile as it fended off the Lorgan attack on Earth. It was massively damaged and crashed in Athens, where it was officially destroyed.

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