Name: Roderick Tindall, Rod
Title: The Chief
Species: Human
Height: 1,90 m
Eye Color: Brown
Haare: Brown
Special Features: Very muscular
Important Objects: None
Special Skills: Military training, mechanics, upgrades (strength, endurance)
Weapons: Specialized Weapons
Profession: K5-Aggressor

Roderick’s parents died when he was just six years old. His father had been a Syntech employee and knew things they wanted to keep under wraps, so they killed him secretly. Even before he ran away from the orphanage, he had a deep-seated hatred for all the privileged and especially for Syntech. He spent his youth repairing cars and earning a living. He quickly learned to survive in the harsh reality of New Denver’s poverty-stricken neighborhoods. When he was drafted, it took him a long time to accept Carter Sanders. After that, however, a deep friendship evolved. Besides, a sexual connection with Leena Whittaker developed.

Rod was by nature a broadly built giant, so he was well-positioned in the physical disciplines. When he was equipped with improved strength and endurance during the modification wave, he could hardly be stopped. His new skills allowed him to break the course record on the Osilon hell trail. He was also part of the group that accompanied Carter onto the Lorgan battleship when it attacked Utopia. He made a considerable contribution to the destruction of the ship and was honored which earned him some good job offers.

He began his third year of training together with Carter with the reconnaissance forces under Captain Tamara Sutherland. After Carter was transferred after the Nagakira mission, he accompanied the troop on several other missions, including the ice planet Naki. When, after the arrest of the master thief Longpaw, he had fought together with Carter again during a joint mission of reconnaissance fighters and hunters, Carter’s girlfriend Kelly died. He was there for his best friend and was then also transferred to the Bloodhounds to serve as his support, even though Rod didn’t like this number 2 status.

Carter and he committed themselves as soldiers before the end of the training and he was given the honor to join the K5. There he spent several months in a special training camp, where he was trained as an aggressor, the special unit for front soldiers. He then served on several ships and finally landed on the emerging war front on the ice planet of Wakahi, where he stood out for his experience and skill. After having assisted Carter during the funeral service for Magnus, he was sent to various trouble spots and became more and more respected.

In the three years that Carter was in prison and on Dao Prime, Rod spent most of his time on the battlefields of war. He rose to the rank of Major and got his own unit. Due to the enormous efficiency of his troops and his achievements, he earned the nickname “The Chief”. When the Battle of the Three Worlds raged over Igo, he was in the orbit with his unit and wanted to clear the way for the warships. He was surrounded and in trouble when Carter showed up and saved his life. Together with Rod’s unit, they used the “Utopia Tactics” to destroy the Lorgan’s battleships.

During the battle for Earth, Rod heard about Carter’s problems in Athens and wanted to return the favor. He ignored a direct order and steered his blackjet to the Acropolis to watch his friend’s back. As a result, other soldiers he was supposed to save were killed. He was sentenced as a deserter and convicted to ten years imprisonment in the Crimson Void.

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