Name: Ronson Glades
Title: The Whisperer
Species: Human
Height: 1,83 m
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Special Features: Open homosexual, Buddhist, rejects open display of wealth, is considered hippie
Special Skills: Political experience, much Philosophical Knowledge, Scholar, Espionage Skills
Profession: Member of the Government, Vice-Chairman, Opponent of General Dukes, Leader of the PSU

Ronson has been rich since childhood, but he never rested on it. He has been a Buddhist since his youth and is offended by the military government. That’s why he became a politician to counteract this tendency, which he did surprisingly well. He ascended to number two on Utopia, even if many call him a “hippie” and a dreamer.

He has a very soft and gentle appearance and looks as if he could not pluck a dandelion. Nevertheless, he holds his own in the government. After Carter Sanders fended off the attack on Utopia, Glades attended the tribute to the recruits.

He secretly obtained the position of the anonymous head of the PSU, the Whisperer. His strong ties to Syntech and the leadership were reason enough for him to transform the Special Forces into his private army. He used bribery, slander, murder, and cover-up to conceal his secret influence on developments. When Carter Sanders committed himself to the military, he immediately recognized the opportunity and brought him to the PSU.

However, he had to realize that Carter was stubborn, morally strong and very skeptical, which was not compatible with his plans. So he made sure Carter covered up for his own father’s murder, made sure he disobeyed his orders, and then put him behind bars for life. He used his enormous resources to exert political influence by day and to conduct secret operations at night to destabilize the government. This would allow Syntech to take control of Utopia.

However, he did not expect the Ghost Unit’s AI, Seth, to expose him as the Whisperer. They stormed his estate and Carter arrested him. After all his machinations were uncovered, he was publicly executed.

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