Homeworld: Kunaz, Zahkar
Type: Insectoid
Life Expectancy: 500 Earth Years
Body Height: Up to 1,80 m
Blood Color: Yellow
Appearance: Salvani have crooked narrow legs where the knees are bent backward. They have a thin torso surrounded by ribs. Four scrawny arms with three claws on each hand allow multitasking. The head is that of an insect, including antennae and grinding jaws, which meet under the “chin”. Two large sequin-like eyes protrude from the skeletal skull. Overall, they look like large crickets/ants, but without the long posterior part. Some also have single long hairs on arms and legs. Some of them have four semi-transparent thin wings. Black and dark blue shades are common in Salvani from Zahkar, red, brown or green-yellow are typical for the people of Kunaz. They have chitin instead of soft skin.
Because they cannot produce verbal words because of their body structure, they wear voice synthesizers when dealing with other peoples, which translate their click sounds and squeaks into the common language.

The Salvani people have been in the space age for a long time. They are characterized by high intelligence and enormous physical durability, which is why they are responsible for some of the most significant technological inventions currently in use. They are experts in the construction of weapons and have great business intuition and skill. Their culture is more science than religion, which makes them less emotional. Salvani are characterized by their compassion and helpfulness. They live in colonies in which every member of the community has his or her task.

Mankind met the Salvani shortly after their arrival at Utopia Beta. Soon there was a timid exchange, which over the years has solidified into a stable alliance. Today the Salvani are an important and central people of the galactic community.

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