Name: Samantha Banes
Title: Major
Species: Human
Height: 1,76 m
Eye Color: Gray
Hair: Black
Special Features: Scar on the chin, one leg was replaced by an upgrade
Special Skills: Military training, weapons expert, explosives, close combat, stick fighting, improvisation
Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Battle Staff
Profession: Leader of the Special Forces (PSU)

Sam was the daughter of two soldiers of the Delta-6 unit of the Utopia Military who were killed in action when she was little. Her parents’ best friend and comrade, Major Bartholomew Banes, took her in and adopted her. Since Banes had little talent for upbringing, Sam’s childhood and youth were dominated by discipline and order. It was no surprise that she joined the military as soon as she was old enough. During a mission, she lost one leg through a grenade and received a synthium prosthesis.

Her stoic and stubborn nature helped her work her way up to the PSU, surpassing her foster father, who never could tell her he was proud of her. When Carter Sanders joined her unit, she was skeptical at first because he didn’t have to fight his way up as she had. As the missions progressed, however, she had to realize that he had earned his place with them. She slowly put aside her defensive attitude and developed affection for her new comrade. When the scandal of Magnus Sanders’ death broke out, she refused to question the Whisperer and the military. It was accordingly difficult for her when Carter let the Gumai scientist Nidor escape against their orders. She felt abandoned by Carter and his arrest hit her hard.

She continued to serve the PSU as a loyal soldier until three years later, Carter moved in with the Ghost Unit and exposed Ronson Glades as the Whisperer. After his deeds became known and he was executed, she was appointed the new head of the PSU by General Dukes, along with Ken, on the advice of Carter. The two reformed the organization fundamentally and removed all traces of Glades. When the distress call came from Earth, they supported Carter and the Athens defenders. Sam was wounded but survived the battle.

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