The exemplary Pintan with blue skin had great charisma and an engaging character. He already had many different jobs before he decided to join the military. He lived with his wife and two daughters on Pinta for a long time until he was transferred to Zulath because of the war.

During the massacre there, he had to watch his family being killed by a warship cannon right before his eyes because they visited him there. He killed dozens of Lorgans and was one of the few survivors of that day. Because of his achievements, he was recruited for the Ghost Unit by Commander Miles Daniels.

He became part of the Phantom Squad and served several years onboard the Renegade as Deputy Commander before Carter joined. He quickly made friends with the young man as both had suffered losses. Samuel was a valuable team member during the various missions until he had to watch Miles die in a cell. When he was later replaced by Cindy Taylor, he withdrew and hardly talked to the others.

During the advance on the Acropolis at the Battle of Athens, Samuel was killed.

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