Categorie: Desert Planet
Position: Krunos-System
Sector: Aeon-Width

The homeworld of the Krodaa. It is hot there, but there is water beneath the surface and there are also areas with some plant species. However, most surface water resources are acidic and should be avoided. In addition, there are several volcanoes, which are almost all active and distribute lava regularly and sometimes permanently.

How the Krodaa could develop in such an unpleasant place was unclear for a long time, until researchers found out that Sandabar Neh was once an exoplanet full of water. A water world captured by the gravitation of the two stars. Then all the water on the surface evaporated and it became a desert world. One can find several remains of the former water creatures there.

The Krodaa don’t value aesthetics or quality, so most of the settlements are scrambled tent camps and buildings from the remains of former spaceships. The predominant economy consists of scrap trade, gastronomy, and crime. Apart from the Krodaa and the Salvani of Zahkar, all other species on the surface of the planet must wear protective suits. Although the law does not allow internal crime to spread to other species, the rule of thumb is that anyone on Sandabar Neh should check their pockets regularly.

Together with the Bloodhounds, Carter Sanders was in the city of Bazaram to look for clues to the location of the Mist Devil.

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