Often, one load of SaniGel is not enough to repair an injury from battle. Deep wounds, multiple shots, or internal injuries, and broken bones usually heal very slowly by natural means. Some things never heal properly again. To treat such injuries, SaniGel has developed the sealing technology in cooperation with Syntech.

Sealing machines are medical miracles. As soon as you are of age and fully grown, you are deep scanned. Organs, DNA, and all biological data are captured and stored. This data package is called the original state. This is the perfect healthy stature. This data package is used by the machine as a template. A sample is used to determine the state of the hormones and any changes in the DNA so as not to carry out the renewal with old cells that the body could reject. Precise mechanical arms distribute so-called raw mass in the wound and in all other places that do not correspond to the original state. This is gray biomass containing unformatted cells.

These raw cells are encoded with the patient’s DNA using one of these arms, like a computer program. Once this is done, they are body-own cells and the body recognizes them and integrates them into the healing process. In principle, damaged tissue is replaced by brand new material. And finally, one is irradiated with regeneration waves. They simulate the signals of the body that stimulate the healing process and at the same time supply the necessary energy for it so that one can heal in time-lapse. What would normally take weeks heals in hours.

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