The Securo Group is the largest military security network of mankind. Founded thirty-two years ago by then Commander in Chief Harvey Dukes, the organization serves as the extended arm of the military. Since working in the military requires many years of training and various prerequisites, it is not possible for many citizens of Utopia to commit themselves. Since, however, there is a multitude of tasks to be fulfilled which do not require trained soldiers, the Securo Group also offers other members of society the opportunity to make their contribution to the common good.

Originally founded as a pure security service for public places and events, the scope of the tasks has drastically increased since then. The fields of work include transport logistics for people and goods, the installation of security systems in public buildings, cybersecurity in Utopia’s ComNet, signal monitoring in the orbit around the planet, the reinforcement of the military police in areas with low security levels as well as the support of security aspects in an advisory and practical form at various locations on other worlds, for example human embassies.

Leena Whittaker spent her third year of training at their Greystone headquarters, where she was chief of cybersecurity and arrested the infamous hacker F4zzer.

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