The Synthetic Extrapolation and Triangulation Heuristic, or S.E.T.H., is the most advanced model of an advanced T’zun AI. After years of testing, experimentation and release procedures, Seth was released as experimental software for the T’zun military. With constant monitoring and readjustment, the system has evolved dramatically in just a few months.

After being tested successfully and without incident for several years, the technology was transferred to the Ghost Unit, where it was integrated into all ships and multitools. Unlike the human Jenny VI, Seth is not only adaptive, but also more authentic. He does not wait to be approached but also takes the initiative in discussions when he thinks it makes sense.

Seth can think creatively, make decisions and learn and act independently. With only a few limitations, it is the most comprehensive and far-reaching AI software ever deployed in the four sectors. Through continuous monitoring and philosophical conversations, Seth learns to understand morality and ethics and to consider these factors.

Onboard the Renegade, Seth accompanied every mission, from Utopia to Sopa-Kul, Ju, Porr, Filos, Igo, and empty space to Earth. There, his core was destroyed onboard the ship during the crash and failed for the duration of the battle.

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