Type: City
Position: Dao Prime

The first settlement founded by the great Khanir after his landing on Dao Prime. The city lies at a point where savannah, jungle, and mountains meet. It was built on a rocky plateau right in between. It is a culturally valuable city, whose architecture is strongly reminiscent of Basura’Tanoh’s architecture, which also corresponds to the style of human Asia.

Shamalyiah lies at the foot of the Tiger Falls, a waterfall that ends exactly in a huge tiger’s head carved into the rock, emulating Khanir’s face. From its mouth, it flows into a small lake, which merges into a river through the city. The head is also the entrance to the modern complex within the mountain, which serves as the headquarters of the Ghost Unit, the Tiger Refuge. On a rocky cliff above the city stands the skyscraper, which is the official office building of the Ghost Unit.

Shamalyiah is the spiritual capital of the T’zun and serves as the residence of the war monk order, where the Red Council sits and where the Astral Jewel is kept.

The whole city is surrounded by a stone wall with golden decorations, high-tech laser cannons, and periodic observation towers. All buildings are made of bright stone with elaborate curved shapes and decorations or black wood with red ornaments. The wooden houses show downward sloping beams that are bent upwards at the end. All houses have electric light, new shutters, and shuttles. All the buildings combine the traditional forms of the T’zun culture with modern technology as no other species can. Between the paved areas, there are several trees with pink blossoms, and the slender stream flows through the center of the city, over which idyllic little bridges are spanning.

In the center stands a huge, octagonal pagoda temple, completely kept in strong red. It is ten stories high and elaborately decorated with gold. Next to it, there is a large training area for the monks as well as a statue.

There, the Commander was trained as a war monk and he lived in the city together with the monks for two years.

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