Categorie: Rock Planet
Position: Keldos-System
Sector: Utbikh-Cluster

The planet, known as the “death world”, is completely free of flora and fauna. Everything is shaded in purple tones and consists mainly of rock and sand deserts. Strong hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, as well as a temperature change from +50 degrees during the day to -30 degrees at night, make the place more than unfriendly.

Many groups of bandits and thieves, assassins and mercenaries are living there in hiding places underneath the sand or in protected cave complexes. There are a total of five large settlements on the planet, where the most powerful gangs have built their own fortresses. All of them are towns with pubs, brothels and shady merchants.

The Commander rescued Nikki from the clutches of the Mist Devil and his Greyhounds there.

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