Categorie: Research Facility
Position: Rurha-System
Sector: Utbikh-Cluster

In the Rurha-System, there is a large asteroid belt, which describes a constant orbit to Rurha. Most of the asteroids are simple rocks, although some of them have useful resources. One of the largest serves as a surface for the Sophos facility, which humans began to build just a few years after their arrival on Utopia Beta.

When the war broke out, the contact had to be broken off. Parts of the plant have not yet been completed, but the scientists continue to work inconspicuously. They are supplied with goods from the T’zun of Lamui, which they transport on civilian ships.

The Commander uncovered a complex sabotage in the context of a PSU mission, which threatened to reveal the place to the Lorgans and thus he saved the first and only colony of humans after Utopia Beta.

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