Since the first species made the journey through space, they did so with the help of space ships. Since then, many species have had the technology to build such vehicles. Over time, despite the different designs and benefits, some established classes have emerged that most races use in some way.

Transport Ship

The classic ship for transporting people and goods across the galaxy. Transport ships have only rudimentary armament, but stable armoring. They are not very fast, but they are persistent. They are usually large, massive, have strong engines and are not very comfortable.

Diplomatic Ship

Basically, they are smaller transport ships. They are designed for long flights with a lot of comforts. They are small to medium-sized, lightly armed and luxuriously equipped.

Work Ship

They are used to dismantle asteroids, to collect scrap metal or, if a large tank is attached underneath, as a refueling ship. Since this type of ship is never used in combat, it has no significant armor or armament on board. With humans, it is a strange, almost square ship with rounded corners, from whose roof and floor several long, multi-unit mechanical arms protrude.

Tech Ship

“A ship whose size on edge must have resembled an eight-story building. It was long and narrow, without wings and with only a few windows.” – This is how a pilot once described a human tech ship. It serves as a communication node in space battles and as a processing center for all combat data. Since it radiates a lot of heat through all the technology, the armoring has to be a little lighter and thinner, and it usually doesn’t have many weapons either. These ships are protected by much stronger ships.

Space Fighter / Bomber

The classic vehicle of the simple pilot. These speedsters are very fast, agile and surprisingly well-armed. They have long-range hacking modules, precision cannons, rapid-fire cannons, tracking missiles, and various types of bombs. Plasma, EMP, vacuum, and frost. To describe them in four words: Small, agile, rapid-fire, precise.


The classic military spacecraft for task forces. Large enough for a crew of forty to fifty soldiers, powerful weapons, good armor, and powerful engines. Agile despite the length and with movable wings for various maneuvers.


The big brother of the frigate is the battleship, in former times it was called galleon, but this was no longer considered contemporary. Battleships look like big frigates, but are much more heavily armored and equipped with bigger weapons. Poor agility and speed are normal with such colossuses. They form the main part of the human navy and the Initiative.


The biggest ship you can build, the warship. One has the size of at least two metropolises. These huge ships are built-in space. They have an elongated and thick form with a slightly wider muzzle, comparable to a long snake. The diameter of the drives is unbelievably large. Slow, but unstoppable. More cannons on the outer hull than there are recruits in Osilon and an insanely strong armoring and armament. These ships also serve as extended coordination aids in space battles.

Commando Ship

Ships specially designed for covert and secret operations with camouflage, armament and all the bells and whistles that would be too expensive for regular ships. Medium-sized, narrow, but wider than frigates, with camouflage function. They are very heavily armed and armored, ideal for commandos and covert operations.

Stealth Ship

They are not so well suited for fighting, but more for sabotage and secret transports. Maximum improved cloaking field generators for secret flights in dangerous or forbidden zones. Small, agile, weakly armed, medium armored, popular with smugglers and for secret transports.


The classic means of transportation on all worlds. A small flight shuttle with integrated nozzles. They land using four small curved legs and have gullwing doors. Shuttle variants are available as limo, truck, transporter, attack shuttle, etc. Shuttles are used to move around a planet but are not suitable for space travel.

Optical differences of spacecraft types of other species

Human ships often have wings like old planes or fighter jets. They are streamlined and somewhat narrower than most other species. They look quite outdated but are functional and absolutely modern.

Lorgan ships are like their armors: almost indestructible. They imitate synthium, but instead use a kind of bone as armoring, which they produce in their Kallak facility. They are the only species to use a ram spur.

Vinduran ships are all light gray, have reddish or greenish engines and are slim and delicate. They do not emphasize decorations or colors. What is special is that their models fly transversely, so that the wide side is directed forwards.

Salvani ships all resemble insects (bees, locusts, spiders, etc.). They remind of the life forms on Kunaz, but are just as dangerous as the ships of other species.

T’zun ships are like their people: they are all stylishly slim, they are pointed at the back, shiny silver and beautifully decorated with patterns. They use blue drives. Their hunters look like drops with their wings stretched downwards and angled backward.

Krodaa ships are mostly old rattle tracks they built out of scrap metal. They are funny and differently shaped, have many edges, but also horns to demonstrate the pride of the people.

Pintan ships: They are similar to human ships, only mirrored angled, wide instead of slender, transverse instead of longitudinal. They like to use bright colors to attract attention.

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