A robot built by Nina Chevon to help her with her tasks as chief mechanic. Her goal is to develop a fully functional, mobile AI unit. After he was first brought to life as a program on her multitool, she built him a robot body, which, however, was rather makeshift, since high-quality parts were hard to get and even more difficult to pay for.

By the time Carter joined the Ghost Unit, she had taught him full use of the body, but the speech interface and interaction with organic beings were still at an early stage. After the Renegade was maintained at Dao Prime following the Battle of the Three Worlds, Nina was invited to Kharambit by the leading AI expert of the T’zun. There, she learned a lot of new things and also got some improved algorithms and programs, so that her robot was already able to replace Seth for a short time after his failure at the time of the invasion of Earth and he enabled Nikki to crash land.

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