The most powerful corporation of Utopia Beta, closely associated with the military and with great influence on the government. The company was founded a few years after the colonization of the planet with the purpose of exploring and harnessing the unique material synthium. Therefore, Syntech has the monopoly on the mining, exploration, processing, and sale of the organic-metallic substance.

The greatest pioneer in the company’s history was Magnus Sanders, who not only simplified processing but also developed the so-called upgrades, which form the basis for all modifications and prostheses. He made the company the most powerful economic power on the planet. The management was repeatedly confronted with accusations of corruption and lawsuits, as Syntech is responsible for the working conditions and wages of the workers of Utopia.

After Magnus Sanders was killed, it was discovered that he had kept many of his discoveries secret and erased them. He had encrypted all his special knowledge so that only one of his children could continue his work. Although this action was illegal, the company could not take any countermeasures and had to accept Zoe Sanders as its new head of research.

When Ronson Glades was arrested and his collaboration with the company’s leadership to take over Utopia became known, the entire leadership was dismissed and brought to justice. Zoe Sanders became the new CEO and put together a new board of directors made up of loyal colleagues. The company was restructured and a non-profit line of business was established to improve the living conditions of workers. She also established initial relationships with Earth.

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