Synthium is a kind of organic metal that can only be found on Utopia Beta. Its origin is an ancient race of aliens called Hazkan who do not come from the four sectors and used the material for communication during the Destroyer War. The armor skin of these space dragons consists of it and their voices are amplified by the synthium through low-frequency vibrations so that they can exchange over long distances.

It has unique properties, not all of which have been researched to date. The most striking feature is the fact that the material is virtually indestructible. The raw form is processed using complex vibration techniques and can only be changed with high costs and a lot of time. The only company researching it that also has the monopole for the processing of synthium and owns all the mines is Syntech on Utopia.

There, Magnus Sanders is known as a pioneer in the field. He is the one who has achieved all the great breakthroughs currently in use. This also includes the modern synthium upgrades. These are synthium-based microchips and prostheses that help people increase their natural abilities dramatically.

Synthium emits a low-frequency signal under the influence of vibration, similar to the sounds of the Hazkan, which cannot be detected by modern measuring instruments. Only the Salvani, Gumai and Vindurans have the necessary technology.

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