The name is very superficial for something that was much more complex. When the humans colonized Utopia Beta and began to extract and explore the synthium found there, the peoples of Halog learned about it late. Because of their history and the Destroyer War, they feared what humans could do with their careless use of the material. Instead of seeking a diplomatic solution, they immediately attacked and refused any contact attempts.

The conflict lasted several years but did not affect the other species of the four sectors. Nevertheless, the hostility of the Lorgans and the Gumai was the decisive trigger for the founding of the Initiative. After a long period of few open conflicts, synthium research continued to develop. At some point, the Lorgans struck and attacked the planet Zulath, where they wiped out a considerable portion of the military strength of the humans.

While the humans were still trying to recover from this defeat, a single Lorgan battleship made an advance against Utopia Beta after receiving an anonymous tip that the defense was weak. They used the attack to simultaneously steal a load of Synthium and run their own tests on it. The attack failed because the Guardian of Utopia was able to destroy the battleship unexpectedly with a few recruits.

This human victory raised their morale, but also provoked more frequent clashes in space and various systems, including the planet Wakahi. When Carter Sanders and Leena Whittaker uncovered the existence of the Hurrak plant on the planet Gusar and it was destroyed by the Krodaa, this discovery led to all peoples of the Initiative declaring war against Halog. Only the information of the Gumai Nidor led to new realizations over the motives of the Lorgans and the Gumai.

The battles became fiercer and fiercer, but they all raged in the Utbikh-Cluster as the Initiative’s troops had encircled the enemy. The strongest confrontation took place in the Nakah-System. The initial attack on the communication base of the Gumai on Igo culminated in the Battle of the Three Worlds on Porr, Filos, and Igo. The battle raged for several days until the Commander and the Phantom Squad turned the tide. Nevertheless, the Initiative suffered a bitter defeat due to the enemy’s red weapon ships.

With the help of stolen data from the Krant-3 Facility, an imminent invasion of Utopia Beta could be prevented. The Lorgans spontaneously changed targets and attacked Earth instead. The final invasion consisted of a massive space battle and various ground wars on different continents and in various cities. The central battlefield was Athens, where the Lorgans wanted to take out the ComNet. The Commander and the allied troops of the humans and the Initiative could stop the enemy together with the suddenly appearing Vindurans and finally end the protracted war.

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