Type: Secret Facility
Position: Dao Prime

The headquarters of the Ghost Unit is located inside a mountain right next to the city of the war monks, Shamalyiah. The entrance is behind the Tiger Falls in the mouth of the head of Khanir and for ships, it is hidden between the mountains. The interior of the facility is very large and contains a hangar in which all frigates of all squads can land simultaneously.

Next to the hangar, there is an extensive training area with simulation capabilities. There are meeting rooms, a Seth-central core, data servers, a communication center, armories, synthium storage rooms, a modern infirmary, accommodations, and the workshop. All developments by Kalohi and Holon are prepared there and then fabricated in the production department.

At the top of the complex, there is another exit that leads to the rocky cliff on which the administration building stands, overlooking Shamalyiah and the plains below. This is where finances, personnel, and strategies are managed. There is also a museum with the history of the war monks, the Ghost Unit and artifacts of Khanir.

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