Homeworld: Dao Prime, Basura’Tanoh
Type: Cat Hybrid
Life Expectancy: 1500 Earth Years
Body Height: Up to 2 m
Blood Color: Red
Appearance: The T’zun, or also Kahjay’kah, as they call themselves, are cat hybrids from a human point of view. The basic body structure is humanoid, but they are upright walking cats of prey. They have claws, long tails, and muzzles with fangs. Their ancestors were perfect hunters, which is why they are carnivores by nature. Men and women differ in muscle mass, intelligence, and typical behavior patterns and characteristics. They have a very fast metabolism, more strength than humans and can actively use the Ki energies of their body. The color of their fur depends on the natural environment in which their ancestors lived. Brown tones and dots are more for savannahs, white tones are more for mountains and stripes and dark or reddish tones are more useful for jungle areas. But there are also bluish and greenish T’zun that have been born on Aeya for several centuries.

Long ago, the T’zun people were not unlike the human race. They exploited their planet, polluted the environment and the term “sustainability” was found only among eco-hippies, who were rather smiled at. The result was that the ecosystem collapsed. Natural disasters, famines, disease epidemics, and the like were the result. Fortunately, they were already well advanced in space travel and had discovered another habitable world within the Aster-System a few decades earlier, Dao Prime. Until then, there had only been a few pilot project settlements and test sites. In the following one hundred years, they relocated their entire population there.

They have fully automated all production processes and all trade. Machines, computers and their life optimizers, they also like to call them Lifebots, make this possible. They do all the work that is required in their society. This means that nobody has to go to work. Everything they do serves the spiritual science or the improvement of their lives. T’zun can have everything they want without having to work for it. There is no currency there. For this reason, they devote themselves to martial arts, social projects, their spirituality, science or other fields of progress or unity. They are a very religious people. They always act in accordance with their faith. However, they do not refer to the theism that is common among humans and pintans. Also, no ancestor worship or the like is comparable with it. Spirituality is their life. Since the beginning of time, their people have had the ability to bundle their own body energy and use it for various purposes. They call this power the Ki. However, this only works if they bring their body and mind into harmony. Greed, envy, anger and such emotions first pollute the mind and then the body. They spend much of their time overcoming these emotions. A greedy T’zun will not be able to use the Ki in the long run. It would also be a disgrace to him.

They believe that the world, life, and existence itself is only energy and that each energy will return to its original state at the end of its journey. This process cannot and must not be enforced, because that would not be the nature of the matter. This also applies to life forms. They spend their lives following their nature. If they behave wrongly, it echoes in the form of negative vibrations in the galaxy and will return to them. The same is true of positive actions. Energies that they release will return to them in the same form.

The T’zun are the most sophisticated race in the known galaxy, which is why they were asked to lead the Initiative. All species respect them, and apart from their first contact war with the Krodaa, there were no conflicts between them and any other race. They have an intimate relationship with humanity, whose development they have unintentionally influenced several times, including Asian culture and the Buddhist religion.

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