While researching synthium, Magnus Sanders recognized early on that its physical properties made it ideally suited to improving the human body. Over the years, he has developed numerous upgrades, also called modifications, that enhance or extend various aspects of the human body.

T-28 Musculature Upgrade

Synthium-reinforced biochips are implanted in five places in the body, which change the composition of the muscle groups within a very short time in such a way that one has many times more strength. This also protects the bones better against fractures and dislocations. This upgrade is often used by soldiers.

A-4M9 Joint Amplifier

This upgrade is always used in conjunction with the T-28. These are synthium-reinforced joints. All joints of the body are replaced by this more efficient version so that they can support the increased muscle tension and movements made possible by the T-28.

X-34 Reflex Upgrade

A brain implant at the nerve control center. It accelerates the transmission of incoming impulses and stimulates the reaction processes in the brain. This increases the reflexes enormously so that with a little practice you can even avoid gunfire.

6-H1 Endurance Upgrade

A combined lung and heart upgrade to increase endurance. Larger lung volume, supports the pumping capacity of the heart.

P5X Ocular Upgrade

An eyeball upgrade. It enables an internal HUD on the retina of the wearer that is synchronized with a multitool. This allows basic HUD functions to be used without glasses or helmet. This includes an integrated zoom function. Later models have additional functions such as night vision, infrared and energy signature detection.

KN/43-0 Intelligence Upgrade

A brain implant that stimulates the chemistry of the brain and accelerates the neural networks with targeted discharges. This accelerates thought processes and artificially increases the capacity of the brain. This upgrade must be reserved for psychologically stable persons, as it can lead to a reduction in empathy and a reduction in emotional strength.

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