Categorie: Garden World
Position: Zelot-System
Sector: Nekon-Traverse

Utopia Beta, usually simply called Utopia, is the first human colony in the Omni Galaxy. It has existed for about 150 years and was built without interference from Earth because of its distance. As a result, the society there is run by corporations.

The planet is divided in two: The southern half of the planet is home to the privileged, with their pretentious estates and properties. The northern hemisphere is home to the major cities and mines of Syntech.

On the upper half of Utopia, humans are mining synthium, a material unique in the galaxy to date. The surface of the planet is predominantly flat with only low hilly areas and a few small seas. Apart from birds and some farm animals, there is hardly any fauna and the flora consists mainly of earth-like trees and bushes. Due to the distance to the star Zelot and the straight rotation of Utopia, mild spring weather prevails all year round. The planet has three moons, some of which can also be seen during the day.

Utopia is the home of Commander Sanders and the scene of several conflicts, such as the Utopia Defensive and the civil war almost triggered by the Whisperer. After the death of Ronson Glades, the situation calmed down and improved for local residents. Living conditions for the working class improved dramatically due to the implementation of the Sanders Act.

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