A while after the Massacre of Zulath, the military of mankind was severely weakened. Many young soldiers were prematurely put into active service and force-modified. It took a long time before they could deal with it. During this phase, the Lorgans dared to make an attempt to exploit the weakness of Utopia. They sent a battleship to assess the situation and launch the attack.

In fact, the Homebase was the only line of defense that protected the planet. The attack was quick and unexpected, destroying the warship’s engines and immobilizing the defense. Despite all the fighters and bombers in action, the odds were not good.

At that time Carter Sanders was on a training flight with his comrades, including Roderick Tindall and Leena Whittaker, and they were steering right into the action. Contrary to direct orders, Carter decided he couldn’t just watch the planet fall. With half the brave recruits he dared a suicidal counterstrike. To this end, he impersonated a Commander without permission, which earned him this nickname.

Seven recruits managed to infiltrate the battleship unnoticed and sabotage it from the inside out. Carter held the position for five minutes completely alone against a wave of angry Lorgans. Nambur Zobek was killed during this attempt, but the rest escaped and they managed the impossible: They destroyed the battleship and saved Utopia. As a result of this celebrated heroic deed, he was awarded the title “Guardian of Utopia”.

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