Name: Vance
Species: Krodaa
Height: 1,85 m
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Black
Special Features: Tail with tip, some scars, horns pointing forwards, legs covered with fur (human-shaped) and claw feet
Special Skills: Experienced adventurer, mercenary, widely traveled, eloquent, kleptomaniac
Weapons: Two Pistols
Profession: Adventurer, Informant

From an early age, Vance was on his own to support himself and his sister on Sandabar Neh. Over the years he has worked in a number of professions including pirate, smuggler, petty criminal, wedding planner, butcher, mercenary, and bouncer. Eventually, he became aware of the profession of the adventurer and discovered that he had a talent for it. Many organizations and private groups hired him to track down rare objects on remote worlds outside the known systems.

The likable Krodaa met Carter Sanders early in the young soldier’s career. He had learned from some smugglers on Haizo that there were abandoned cities of a previously unknown species on Darkfall in the Dark Sea and sold the information to the human military. He then met the local reconnaissance team and assisted them in their investigation. He made friends with Carter and Roderick there.

He traveled across the galaxy and picked up clues to the Mist Devil, which he immediately sold to the Bloodhounds. He met Captain Andrej Sevchenko and the meanwhile transferred Carter Sanders on Sandabar Neh and shared his knowledge. During the following fight in a bar, he helped the soldiers to fight back the pirates. Afterward, he went his way again.

Years later, he learned that his sister Nikki was in the clutches of the Mist Devil on Sopa-Kul. However, he did not have the opportunity to help her himself. He was accordingly grateful when he heard that Carter and the Ghost Unit liberated her. When one of his contacts then reported that the Initiative needed a witty spy to save the Phantom Squad from the Lorgans, he saw his opportunity to return the favor.

He pretended to be a mercenary who wanted to sell valuable information in order to access the Krant-3 facility. He took advantage of the coordinated attack of the Initiative on the facility to free Carter and the others. They fought their way out and he steered a “borrowed” ship to the fleet of their allies. He was then recruited by Amaru Khan for a special assignment and set off again.

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