Homeworld: Nunak
Type: Humanoid
Life Expectancy: Unknown
Body Height: Up to 3 m
Blood Color: Dark Blue
Appearance: Vindurans look as if a person had been elongated on a stretching bench and thus made narrower. All Vindurans are at least two and a half meters tall and very slender. Their narrow bodies and limbs indicate that they are not particularly strong. Their elongated heads look strange to humans and they have no ears, only small holes. Their skin is light gray and their eyes are greenish. They are notable for their low physical strength, which is why on other worlds they usually wear clothes with integrated servo motors on their joints. Nunak has noticeably lower gravity than most other worlds with an atmosphere. What they lack in physical strength, they make up by immensely higher cognitive abilities. They are the most intelligent species in the known galaxy.

The unique feature of their people is that there are only male Vindurans. Descendants are bred in Nunak’s breeding facilities. Everyone is asking themselves how this can be, but hardly anyone gets permission to even enter Nunak. They feed on nutrient paste and spend their entire lives pursuing scientific breakthroughs. Every aspect of their lives is rationally and precisely planned. They are governed by the so-called Consensus, a group of the oldest Vindurans led directly by their Prophet Vindor. What form of religion they have is not generally known.

The most striking characteristic of the Vinduran people is their absence. They maintain only the most necessary contact with other peoples and do not reveal their intentions to anyone. Although they encouraged the founding of the Initiative, they have remained neutral ever since and have stayed out of all matters. They have only been in conflict with the inhabitants of Halog since earliest times.

During the invasion of Earth, when the Initiative was about to be defeated, the Vindurans came with their fleet and turned the tide, which was ultimately a decisive contribution to victory and the end of the war. In gratitude, they were declared friends of mankind and received the codes of the friend-enemy identification of Earth and Utopia Beta. Their motives were still unknown.

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