The war monks of the T’zun, also called Wazhi, are a fusion of ritual warrior caste and modern special unit. They were founded before Khanir’s time and he was one of their elders. They are the best fighters there are. Even Lorgans avoid a confrontation with them. The Wazhi serve as spiritual leaders, teachers, and guardians of their people. Although they do not have a specific role in the society of the T’zun, they have the highest authority in matters of law and justice. The word of a war monk is above the police and the authorities, even though the order rarely makes use of it.

There is no typical robe or clothing for the Wazhi, but they wear the characteristic dark red cloak with a wide hood if they want to identify themselves as members of the order. Their headquarters is the temple in Shamalyiah, where the Red Council meets and makes decisions.

The war monks mostly use Nano-Bow and Honorblade with energy coating, but in times of war, they also fight with assault rifles or pistols. The Ki and the martial arts are trained and developed to the maximum with them. They maintain a close alliance with the Ghost Unit, to which some of the order belong. The most famous members are Amaru and Kendor Khan.

The Wazhi live according to the creed “Jhirr’ni arkhari sonu lik arrhu” – this motto means “leading and protecting for the good of all”. Only a few aliens are trained in their ways, including Richard Sanders and his grandson, the Commander.

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