Categorie: Jungle Moon of Kunaz
Position: Hiron-System
Sector: Nekon-Traverse

A unique phenomenon for scientists of all species has taken place on Zahkar. At the same time as the Salvani developed on Kunaz, Salvani also developed on this moon, which differed in very few aspects from those on Kunaz. Both groups met shortly after the discovery of space travel, known in their history as the “Unification”.

Zahkar is less densely overgrown by jungle areas, instead, there are more water areas. Millions of small basins, ponds, and lakes gather in clearings or at the base of low mountains. Since the light from Hiron is often intercepted by Kunaz, there are so-called night phases on Zahkar several times a year where no light is visible. The only lighting is bioluminescent insects and plants. For this reason, the color of the chitin armor of the Salvani of Zahkar is much darker than that of their relatives on Kunaz.

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