Sector: Nekon-Traverse
Planets: Hades, Nirvana, Lightworld, Utopia Beta, Jotunheim, Nura

The Zelot system was the second star system humanity reached during the great expansion. There the settlers colonized the garden world Utopia Beta, making the planet the first settlement of their species outside the solar system. The star Zelot emits yellow light and is similar in size to the sun.

Although there are several planets with an atmosphere in this system that could be inhabited by different species, humans found the area empty. Only the Salvani send patrols through the system from time to time.

The names of the planets within the Zelot-System were influenced by the mythology of different Earth religions. For this reason, there are always expeditions undertaken by curious disciples of these religions. However, none of them has been worthwhile so far.

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