Zoe is Carter Sanders‘ sister and the daughter of Magnus and Sarah Sanders. Unlike Carter, she decided early on not to stay on Utopia, but to try her luck on Earth. Her dream was to be a successful businesswoman like her father.

On Earth, she met her husband Eddy, who was a historian. Together they had a son: Terry Sanders. She earned herself a high position in a large construction company and coordinated the development of huge skyscrapers in all kinds of metropolises. She visited Carter and Magnus several times a year but still remained rather independent.

After their father’s death, she stayed on Utopia for several weeks to settle the legal issues surrounding the inheritance and the funeral service. When they were told that either Carter or she was to take over the position of research director for Synthium, she struggled for a while. In the end, she took over the position and moved with her family and in-laws to her father’s estate. She began to learn Magnus’ knowledge in order to continue his work.

During the three years Carter was away, she combined her father’s knowledge with her economic skills and rose to the ranks of the board. After Carter arrested the Whisperer and his name was cleared, she was promoted to Chairwoman and reorganized the corporation from the ground up. She also used the Sanders Act to create a new business division to provide better living conditions for the workers.

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