Today I have achieved something that I thought was impossible just three weeks ago: I published the first part of the Commander in English worldwide at Amazon. In the meantime, the German version has done quite well on the market and with 4.5 stars in 16 reviews has even achieved bestseller status in the “Military Science Fiction” category for a while.

For a hobby author, who except for the cover did 100% by himself, this is a remarkable achievement and it feels damn good too. Now it’s time to invest money again and advertise in the USA so that the title will also be in the charts there. The translated version of the successor “Downfall” is also ready, but still waiting for the English cover.

At the moment I am still unknown, but today an important milestone has been reached, namely the step into the international market. I will soon be translating the third part so that I can be creative again for a while and script the next sub-series of Omni Legends.

There is still a lot to do, but now that the first successes are finally visible, the motivation is at the top!