Kevin Groh, the darling of the German Sci-Fi market, brings his superheroes to the US market
The Commander – Guardian of Utopia is the first book in the US version of the epic New Adult military sci-fi fantasy Omni Legends series.

Los Angeles, CA – Young and gifted German-based Kevin Groh is bringing his acclaimed Omni Legends series to the sci-fi& fantasy fans in the US early next year. The Commander – Guardian of Utopia, the first in an epic series of over 20 books, will release on January 5th, 2021. Written to entertain and provide joy and based on a superhero theme, the book raises questions about our evolution, as a species.

Welcome to Utopia—humanity’s second home for over two centuries. It is a world controlled by the military and corporations, waging war with advanced alien races, but 18-year-old Carter Sanders is about to change the rules of the game.

Freshly conscripted into boot camp, he needs all his brains and ability to survive skirmishes and develop allies among his fellow-recruits who resent his privilege. Training exercises in weaponry, close-quarter combat, strategy and tactics, and missions test his bravery, while female recruits test his moral fiber in close situations.

When bionic upgrades for soldiers become mandatory, Carter feels he needs to take a stand. Can he and his mismatched fellow-recruits get their message about preserving morale through to the top brass? Will they survive sadistic drill sergeant Banes before they’re sent off to battle giant, scaled Lorgans on unknown worlds? 

A versed gamer, Kevin Groh pulled his inspiration and determination to create a new universe and awesome stories from diving into the fictional worlds of video games. However, The Commander: Guardian of Utopia has many similarities to today’s society.

“Society and human behavior are developing incredibly slowly so that even 300 years from now, we will still be the same as today. Society is driven by greed, egotism, and survival of the fittest, while moral codes are changing with the personal situation. That is why Utopia is governed by corporations, and there is still as much corruption and poverty as we have today,” says Groh.

On a mission to entertain and empower people, Kevin Groh brings to the market a unique combination of outstanding literary talent, ability to write page-turners, and a fresh perspective that challenges the status quo.  He says,

“I want readers to question things in their lives and gain more awareness. Empower them to keep on fighting for their dreams and make the best of every situation, for it will make them stronger.”

The Commander: Guardian of Utopia is available on pre-order on Amazon.

About Kevin Groh:

Kevin Groh is a storyteller, dreamer, industrial engineer, and bestselling author of the epic military sci-fi fantasy series “Omni Legends.” The 20-something German writer became a sensation in the sci-fi market overseas, and is now on a mission to capture the imagination of American readers. A self-described gamer and nerd, Kevin asserts that gaming is based on a high moral code while it trains the brain to make tough decisions under pressure. His Omni Legends book series includes the best-selling subseries, “The Commander,” “The Black Wanderer,” and “The Shadow Guard.” Kevin was an Amazon Kindle Select All-Star in sales every month from August to December in 2019. Born and raised in Hesse, Germany, Kevin mastered English by reading, watching movies, playing video games, and traveling.