I have just submitted the files of the third volume in both languages to Amazon, so the book should be available in the shop tomorrow. For me, this is definitely a big success again, although the print versions are always a few days late.

Like last time it was worth the wait because the cover looks amazing again! So get started and grab your copy to find out what happens with Carter. You’ve probably noticed that this part costs one dollar more than the previous two titles. But that’s not because of my greed, but because I’d like to reinvest the money to put the stories of the Omni Legends into an audiobook.

I’ve heard in many conversations that people think it’s cool that I write books, but they’re too busy or – let’s be honest – too lazy to read. With an audiobook, I could also reach and amaze these people.

Apart from the official proclamations and progress, I also continue in the background and in the meantime, I have revised the content of the Raider’s Chronicles (both parts of the yet German-only titles). The story itself has not been changed fundamentally or drastically, but I have improved and extended some parts. The first part is already corrected and translated so that it can be published next after the end of the Commander-Quadrilogy.

I will now bring the Omni-Wiki up to the level of Commander 3 and then take a little break before making more corrections and translations. I want to achieve a lot, so I won’t stop that fast!