Omni Legends - Silver Wolf


The Agency


After Kane Walker was forcibly transferred from the military to the globe-spanning intelligence service of mankind, also known as the agency, he developed into a first-class spy and was assigned to particularly delicate and dangerous missions all over the world.

Together with his new friend and tech expert Jaxo and his reluctant partner Jane, he is assigned to what at first appears to be an innocuous murder case that turns out to be part of a large-scale plot for a global terrorist attack, the scale of which was previously unimaginable in Earth’s history.

Kane is confronted with difficult moral conflicts and must take on highly trained and genetically engineered mercenaries who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. As the danger becomes imminent, the Silver Wolf must risk his own future as the line between good and evil continues to blur.


Kevin Groh - Creator of the Omni Legends

Starting with simple stories and character designs, he became the creator of the Omni Legends. Now, he writes more complex adventures and short stories that all take place in the same universe and affect each other.


The Omni Legends series consists of several sub-series that are interconnected and complement each other. The universe is constantly expanding and supplemented with new characters and adventures.

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Current Project

Silver Wolf Series

After publishing the Silver Wolf Origins Trilogy, I will now start translating and updating the next two titles of the Silver Wolf. It is a Sci-Fi adventure series set before and during the events of the Commander series, including various crossovers.