Omni Legends - Silver Wolf




Kane Walker and his Wolf Pack are among the most sought-after mercenaries in the four sectors when his past catches up with him, and he is locked up in the dreaded Crimson Void. He becomes the first inmate in history to make a daring escape from the Initiative’s maximum security prison.

As his team is hunted down by most species, they are forced to operate in the shadows of the underworld, their actions fueled by the escalating Lorgan War. In this tumultuous journey, Kane encounters some very unusual clients, each interaction forcing him to confront his own motives to avoid losing himself.

Familiar characters like the Mist Devil, the prophet Vindor, and the Commander himself line the path of the stoic ex-soldier. When war reaches Earth, the legendary Silver Wolf risks everything to protect his family – the loyalty of his fellow soldiers, his life, and the chance for a future of freedom.


Kevin Groh - Creator of the Omni Legends

Starting with simple stories and character designs, he became the creator of the Omni Legends. Now, he writes more complex adventures and short stories that all take place in the same universe and affect each other.


The Omni Legends series consists of several sub-series that are interconnected and complement each other. The universe is constantly expanding and supplemented with new characters and adventures.

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Current Project

The Paladin Series

After publishing the Silver Wolf Series, I will now start translating and updating the Paladin Series. It is an adventure on a planet of spellcasters full of colorful and fascinating magic and wonders.