Omni Legends - The Commander




The Hazkan have returned, threatening to destroy the peoples of the galaxy. At the same time, an unexpected enemy shows his true face. In the face of two superior enemies, the Initiative turns to the best soldier they have: Carter Sanders.

As a newly appointed Commander, he must recruit the best specialists from all worlds to find the true nature of the red weapons and their source. A race against time begins as other powers also seek to possess it.

Carter and his team must give their all to work with old and new allies to stop the seemingly invincible threat behind everything. The final battle for the fate of the known galaxy begins…


Kevin Groh - Creator of the Omni Legends

Starting with simple stories and character designs, he became the creator of the Omni Legends. Now, he writes more complex adventures and short stories that all take place in the same universe and affect each other.


The Omni Legends series consists of several sub-series that are interconnected and complement each other. The universe is constantly expanding and supplemented with new characters and adventures.

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Current Project

The Black Wanderer Series

After publishing the entire Commander Series, I will now start translating and updating my first fantasy series, initially written long before the Commander.