The Series of the Omni Legends

Omni Legends is a book series that tells the stories of the greatest heroes, warriors and legends from the Omni Galaxy. Each character has their own story, but they all take place in the same universe and influence each other. This creates a storyline that spans several adventures and connects them all.

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The Paladin Series

The tale of Janos vak Tarr, the Paladin. The hero of a forgotten war and founder of the eponymous Paladin Order, Janos awakens after 10,000 years in his grave to return to Ganomed, his home world, and stop a magical threat as ancient as himself.

The Paladin 1 Cover
The Paladin 2 Cover
The Paladin 3 Cover
The Paladin 4 Cover

The Silver Wolf Mercenary Series

The story of the legendary mercenary Kane Thanatos Walker, whose deeds are notorious throughout much of the galaxy. On more than one occasion, he comes into contact with important personalities and shapes history from the shadows.

The Silver Wolf Origins Trilogy

This story follows the highly intelligent Kane Thanatos Walker on his journey from juvenile petty criminal to legend. Beginning with his training by the notorious Longpaw, his time in the Special Forces, and his career with the Agency, he becomes a hardened killer.

The Shadow Guard Series

The story of the Shadow Guard hunter Gwan’Har, who, together with the sons of the Black Wanderer, Derrick and Jayden Talar, wants to stop the prophesied demon invasion in the land of Scaya and thus save the entire world from eternal darkness.

The Black Wanderer Series

The story of the black wanderer, Hanzo Talar, a former mercenary from the continent of Balduria, who, together with his disciples, tries to prevent an invasion and encounters an ancient danger threatening his entire world.

The Commander Series

The tale of Carter Slade Sanders, the Commander. As the best soldier in the known four sectors, he becomes a symbol of bravery and skill in the fight against the Lorgans, and in the process, he and his team uncover a plot whose scope they can hardly grasp.