Excerpts from the Biographie of the Commander


– written by Eddy Sanders

Throwing Weapons

During his time in Osilon, Carter learns how to use different types of throwing weapons.

Vinduran Studies

Carter and his comrades learn more about the mysterious Vindurans.

Structure of Utopia

Commander Annie Dalton explains the political and economic situation on Utopia to Carter’s unit.

Heavy Weapons

The recruits of Osilon learn the various types of heavy weapons and the devastating damage they can do in capable hands.

Shuttle Piloting Lessons

Carter and his comrades learn how to control a military shuttle safely and efficiently.

Armor Basics

Major Dunn and Kwax show the Osilon recruits different types of armor and their characteristics.

Space Ship Classes

Carter and the other recruits learn about space ships and what they are used for.

Robot Studies

Technology expert Kova explains to Osilon recruits what types of robots there are.

Nonverbal Communication

Annie Dalton teaches Osilon’s recruits the importance of military hand signals as a means of communication for quiet or hectic situations.

Martial Arts & Close Combat

Carter and his comrades learn the most important basics of unarmed close combat from T’zun melee expert and veteran Jazzir.

Mental Training

As part of his basic training in Osilon, Carter learns to resist various interrogation methods. Despite the torture-like conditions, the recruits must resist.

The Salvani

During theoretical training in Osilon, the recruits around Carter learn about the first contact with the Salvani as well as the characteristics of the insectoid species.

The Story of the T'zun

Jazzir tells the Osilon recruits about the origins and faults of his species, their way of life, and physiology.

Human Outposts

During his training in Osilon, Carter learns about mankind’s first attempts to establish colonies and outposts outside their home system.

The Commander Series